SJ Academy

Terms and Conditions



Cancellations:  If the parent/guardian cancels an SJ lesson, workshop or anything with SJ Academy they will. Not be refunded unless it’s under certain circumstances. If SJ. Academy cancel a lesson it will be taken off the next terms lessons.


Photographs: When signing up to SJ Academy you complete a form with a box to agree to consent of photographs taken which may. Be posted on SJ’s social media. It is the parent’s responsibility to let SJ Academy know if they no longer wish for photographs to be taken off their child.


Paying for lessons: Payments can be made through bank transfer, cash or cheques. If the payment is made after the first lesson this is classed as a late fee and you will have to pay an extra £5.


Student behaviour: When attending SJ Academy it’s all about having fun, if a child continuously misbehaves appropriate action will be taken and they may be asked to be picked up and removed from the lesson to avoid disruption to others.

Uniform: If SJ Academy uniform purchased is damaged/ripped and you would like a replacement you will have to pay for this.


Illness/holiday: Please let Sophie know via email or text if your child is unwell or on holiday and therefore not attending class. Especially in an after school club so that the instructor does not worry as to where your child is.  You will not be refunded for missed lessons, this also applies to any child that shows systems of COVID 19. They must NOT attend their lesson and will unfortunately not be refunded.


Holiday workshops: If a child is unwell on the days of a holiday workshop you will not be refunded. Each case will be looked into for example if your child shows systems of COVID 19 before the workshops a refund will be looked into.


Child collection: If your child is being collected from SJ lessons from someone other than there usually pick up that the teacher does not know about you must text Sophie to inform her of this. The child will not be allowed to go home with someone the teacher does not know without consent. If you allow your child to walk to the car/ school or hall entrance again, please inform Sophie beforehand.



Late collection after lessons:

If the parent is late to picking up their child from lessons, they will have to pay a late fee charge.


Data protection: Please see our Data Protection Policy which explains what information we hold to ensure safety and wellbeing of your child. Due to new GDPR data protection act 2018 we must make you aware what information we store and how we store it.


Force majeure: Neither party shall be in breach of these terms and conditions nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of its obligations under them if such delay or failure result from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control.




Any questions from the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.