Sparkle Dance Studio & Fitness Centre

Terms and Conditions

* Sparkle Dance has a ZERO tolerance to bulling and voilence towards any students or members of staff. We want all our students to be happy and comfortable in all of their classes. If you suspect bulling please inform a member of staff immediatley. Any students found to be bulling or assulting students or members of staff will be expelled immediatley and will be unable to return under any circumstances.

* Class Fees will be invoiced 7-10 days before they are due which must be paid on or before the 15th of every month. If payment is late a late fee of £10.00 per month will be issued on the 16th. If fees will be late for any genuine reason please speak to a member of staff. If fees are unsettled after 6 weeks your place will be suspended (you will still be charged for your time suspended as your dancers place will be held) You will be taken to the small claims court if still unsettled after 3 months from original due date. Once payment has been received.

* Fees can be paid via BACS, Paypal or in Cash. Cheques are not accepted. Cash payments must be in an envelope with students name. Details for payment are on every invoice. Any dancers with fees outstanding will be unable to take part in any performance opportunities, workshops, Competitions, social events ect until fees are up to date.

*Dancers with outstanding fees will not be allowed to attend any competitions, shows, exams, social events, workshops, trips or small performances. You will still be charged for any fees originally occurred when signing up for such events.

* If Sparkle Dance supplies your dancer with costumes, props or any class materials it is your responsibility to keep these safe. You will be responsible for the fee to replace any items that are damaged or disrespected whilst in your care.

* If Sparkle Dance feels that your level of class attendance doesn't meet our standards your place will be suspended and offered to another student.

* Please respect all decisions made by your teacher. If you feel the need to discuss a decision in class please book an appointment for a meeting with this member of staff or send us an email explaining your concerns so we can act on it immediately and provide a suitable response within 24 hours.

* All decisions made in class are made to benefit all students and the welfare of the class. We believe in equal opportunities and we will ensure every child is given their chance to shine in class and on stage.

* All dancers must be in minimum uniform after a maximum of 6 weeks attendance. Uniform can be ordered online or from your teacher. * For health and safety reasons hair must be tied back and off the face in all classes.

* Once you have completed your trial if you wish to join us there is a non refundable £25.00 annual registration fee. (Littles Sparkles classes and adult classes are exempt from this fee). This must be paid along with fees for the remainder or the month on your 2nd week. For your dancers free trial they are not insured so we are not liable for any accident or injury incurred. If you wish for your dancer to be insured on their free trial the £25.00 registration fee must be paid at the time of booking. After the trial dancers will not be allowed to enter class if the registration fee has not been paid. Annual registration fees are charged annually on the 1st May. **New students joining us from December - May will see a reduction in registration costs for the remainder of that year. 

*If at any point you decide not to continue classes with Sparkle Dance 4 weeks written notice is required. In the event that written notice is not given then you will be responsible for 4 weeks fees from the 1st date of non attendance. We require this to ensure a stable learning environment for all students.

* All information given on this form is kept securely inline with the current Data Protection Act (GDPR) All information given will be kept securely and disposed of when your dancer is no longer a student unless we feel that it is crucial to keep your information (I.e - outstanding payments ect)

* It is compulsory that we are able to send you emails from time to time with important information about your dancers class & upcoming events to easily keep you up to date. All invoices are also sent via email so by accepting these t&cs you agree to be contacted by ourselves throughout your enrolment at Sparkle Dance Studio.

* In the event of a national or regional lockdown due to a national health emergency or in the event we are legally required to close our studios all classes will be run online via Zoom. If it is for a short period of time (6 weeks or less) it will be mandatory for all students with the exception of little sparkles to continue their study's online with no changes to class fees. If it will last longer than 6 weeks the option to freeze membership for £5 per class monthly retainer fee will be given to under 7's working at preparatory grade or below. Over 7's will be given the option to freeze their membership after 8 weeks of online learning. From 8 weeks onwards a discount of 15% will be applied to all continuing to learn online. The 4 weeks notice term will not apply when in the above circumstances. All members are to return to in studio classes as soon as the studio is permitted to reopen.