Terms and Conditions


For the purpose of this document Stagestruck Performing Arts Academy shall be referred to as STAGESTRUCK

Please take the time to read and understand the following Terms and Conditions before signing.

Joining Stagestruck

Please use the link above to join our online portal. Upon registration you will also be sent an email invitation to join the portal. Use of our portal is free.

All medical conditions/learning disabilities must be disclosed upon registration.

Stagestruck communicates via email. Your email addresses must be kept up to date.

By signing these T&C’s you are agreeing to receive invoices, newsletters, timetables and general emails from Stagestruck.

Attendance at any other Dancer/Performance school or classes must be disclosed to The School Principal, Mrs Gillian Thorne (A.I.S.T.D.).


Fees are calculated annually and charged monthly on a pro rata basis.

Fees cover 42 classes per year. Stagestruck will be closed for ten weeks per year.


BalletAnnual fee (42 weeks)£240 =Twelve equal monthly payments of £20.00

All monthly fees are collected by Direct Debit/Standing Order on the 1st of each month.  It is your responsibility to set up payment.

Please set up your payment to


Tide Bank

04 06 05 


We cannot accept payment for fees by BACS or Fast Track.

Late payments

Late payments of fees or invoices for any other service will incur administration fees of £1.00 per day.


If you wish to withdraw from the Academy we require one months notice in writing in advance.

If you wish to cancel/change a class we require one months notice in writing in advance.

Refunds cannot be given for missed classes, due to illness, bad weather, Act of God, however we we happily offer alternative classes to make up those missed.


Examinations are not compulsory.

Examinations are offered in ISTD Grade Syllabus in Ballet, Modern and Tap.

BDS Medal Tests in Ballet, Modern and Tap.

LAMDA in Musical Theatre and Acting.

All Examinations are entered at the Discretion of The Principal and will involve Examination Fees and Coaching Fees.


All students must wear correct uniform at all classes. Hair must be tied up and all jewellery removed.

Use of Video and Photographs

Videos and photos may be taken during class times and performances and by signing these T&C’s you are agreeing to the use of your Childs image on our website, for promotional and marketing use and on our social media platforms.


Stagestruck reserves the right to alter the timetable, change venue and fees where applicable.

Necessary discipline for the safe, secure and educational delivery classes will be enforced and the Principal reserves the right to terminate any students enrolment, without notice or refund, if behaviour is unacceptable/dangerous. 

We expect all students and parents to respect one another, our member of staff and volunteers. Bullying or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion.

We aim to offer classes in a friendly, safe, fun, family environment

Signing these T&C’s gives Stagestruck permission to hold your data on a secure electronic database, in a contact file and on a paper copy kept in a secure location. We will never share your details.

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