Starsteps Dance School

Terms and Conditions

Starsteps Dance School Terms and Conditions 2023

By joining Starsteps Dance School as. Member (by completing your GoCardless Direct Debit set up and continuing to bring your child to class), you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as set out below. 

Terms and Conditions are in place to make our school run smoothly, safely and effectively.If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please get in touch.

Bookings & Payments

Initial bookings are made online at . Once the booking has been made, your place is secure and you will be notified by the us which class your booking relates to and the relevant trial date/s. No classes can be attended without prior confirmation being received. If you are unable to make this date given, please contact us by email at [email protected] to request a change at least 24 hours before class time. Without this, your booking will be automatically timed out of the system automatically. Due to trials holding a space in a class, paid trials are non-refundable. 

On completion of your trial lesson, we will send an email to your registered email address. To continue, you will be registered as a full member. Your first payment will be an adjusted amount depending on the point in the month in which you have joined. Full member class fees are paid on the 1st of each month via GoCardless Direct Debit. Annual fees are split into 11 monthly payments the first of which will be adjusted to reflect your joining date. Starsteps Dance School do not hold your banking details and you have the ability to cancel your direct debit should the need arise. Please note that a notice period of one month is required and refunds are not available for fees, costumes or other charges already paid. Notice to be given in writing via email to [email protected] one month in advance. 

Non-Payment of Fees

Receiving fees on time is essential for the running of the school. Late payments may incur a charge of 10% of the invoice total. Consistent late payment without communication may result in being removed from the school.


The class fees are non-refundable unless authorisation has been given by us in which case the refund is at our discretion and each circumstance will be taken on its own merits. We would appreciate as much notice as possible if this should happen. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for the us to cancel a class. If this happens, you will be notified with as much notice as possible by text and/or email. Class credit or a replacement class will be given for any cancellations made by Starsteps Dance School. A notice period of  one month is required for cancellations of membership as outlined above. 

Discounts/Promotional Offers

Trial class fee, Multi-class discounts, sibling discounts and promotional offers are subject to availability and it is the decision of Starsteps Dance School how long these offers run. All offers and discounts are subject to change.


Parents/carers/guardians are not permitted to stay in the classroom whilst lessons are taking place. The reason for this ruling is because it is incredibly distracting to the children. The classroom is completely accessible and if you have any genuine concerns about your Childs well-being, you have the right to enter. Adults are free to leave children in our care as long as we have been made aware and have a contact number we can reach you on in case of emergency. From time to time we may invite parents/carers/guardians in to watch or join in with a portion of our lesson. You must inform us if a different adult will be collecting your child. You must be on time to collect your child.


If your child is going to be absent from class, it is important that you let us know beforehand. We may need to restructure the class, especially if we are working on choreography which involves partner work. Please contact us to let us know by email 


A refund or credit for lessons missed due to illness will only be considered on production of a signed, valid and dated doctor’s note with a full explanation of the illness and this is at the principals discretion.


Holidays taken within course dates will not decrease the price of the course. Full payment for the term must still be made and no refunds will be given for weeks missed due to holidays. As a school we break for school holidays and these holidays are not charged.

Class Levels

Children are placed in classes according to age and/or ability. In the event that a child would be considered capable of moving to a higher level class, this would be discussed with the caregiver of that child and the decision would be made at our discretion. For children taking examinations, on gaining a pass mark or higher, they will be moved to the next graded class. It is highly likely that this class progression will be at a different time/day.


After 4 weeks of classes, we ask for children to come to class in full uniform and footwear. If you need to purchase separately due to budget, we understand however please purchase correct footwear before uniform as this is more beneficial to learning. 

Examination Dates

We aim to hold our examination sessions every school year. As we have to apply for an available examiner we are unable to give exact dates until closer to the time but we endeavour to give as much notice as possible. 

Show Dates

 Our next show is at The Crescent Theatre on the weekend of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2024. Families will be expected to commit to both days to be able to take part. Children who have an excessive absence rating may be taken out of part or all of the show. Costume fees are non-refundable and in any case of loss or damage will be charged for in full. 

Arrival and Departure Times

Please ensure that your child arrives at class on time. In some cases, if a child is considerably late for class they will be asked to sit out of portions of the class due to the fact that they have missed their warm up time. We will not compromise on safety so it is essential that you adhere to these rules. On completion of the class please collect your child promptly as we are not officially responsible for any child once class is finished. You must inform us if a different adult is collecting your child.

Disabilities and additional needs

On booking, please give full details of any child with any disabilities or additional needs. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify us of such disabilities to ensure safe and effective teaching methods and standards are maintained.

Disruptive and Inappropriate Behaviour

Children and adults at Starsteps Dance School are reminded to be courteous and civil to each other at all times. Under no circumstances will we tolerate any form of bullying. Should a child or adult begin to become abusive, violent or disruptive they will be asked to leave the building. If the behaviour becomes a regular occurrence you will be asked to leave the school . 

Physical Contact

It is a necessary part of teaching to have physical contact with pupils during dance class. In acro for example, skills cannot be taught safely without physical contact from the teacher. In ballet, physical corrections are an essential part of class. Should you have any queries about physical contact in class, please notify us. 

Food and Drink

No food is permitted into the dance studio under any circumstances. Eating or chewing gum etc whilst doing any physical activity is exceptionally dangerous and will not be allowed. Drinks should be provided, especially during the warmer months however we ask that no fizzy pop is provided. Still water in a spill proof bottle is the best option. 

Photography and Video

We often take photographs and videos to monitor children progress and reflect on class work. Often we will share pictures on our social media pages and also in our private parents group on Facebook. If you do not want your child to be included, please email us to OPT OUT. You can also opt in or out via the parent portal. Our theatre show is recorded by an external videographer and copies are on sale to our customers. 

Qualifications, Insurance, Safeguarding, First Aid and DBS Checks

We hold official teaching qualifications with Associated Board of Dance (A.A.B.D) and Acrobatic Arts (A.A.C.1) We also attend over and above  the required quota of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses each year. We have Public Liability Insurance to include accidental injury to any person or property caused in connection with the school. At least one member of staff will have attended a First Aid Awareness Course or have a First Aid qualification. Copies of qualifications and DBS checks are available in the studio upon request.

Customer Service

It is our intention to provide you with a high level of customer service at all times, however, if you are dissatisfied with the level of service, please contact us via email or request to speak with us after class.