Step In Time School of Performing Arts

Terms and Conditions

1.       All students of Step in Time School of Performing Arts (SiT) must agree to the Terms & Conditions .

2.      SiT offers dance classes following the ISTD syllabus, in ballet, tap & modern determined by each student’s ability. Classes in Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Freestyle and Acro dance are also available. SiT reserve the right to cancel any class.

3.      Every effort will be made by the school to adhere to the latest time table. However, there may be instances where changes will be made, for example, in the run up to examinations or shows.

4.      SiT will aim to provide “face to face” classes as set out in the latest timetable. If for any reason this is not possible, SiT will provide alternative classes:

A     A refund of class fees will not be given where an     alternative class is provided.

5.      Students may be entered in ISTD examinations in one or more of the dance genres. This is entirely at the discretion of the teaching staff. Additional examination fees will be charged.

6.      In the interest of pupil safety, the school must be notified if a student is unable to attend classes, (phone, text or email is acceptable).

7.      SiT policies:  Privacy Policy & Child Protection Policiy can be viewed on SiT website,  


8.      Disruptive or inappropriate behaviour may result in the student being removed from a class in order that the class can continue.  A Parent/Guardian will be contacted in this instance. 

9.      Although every effort is made to ensure that students’ property is safe, the School does not take any responsibility for loss of or damage to any property brought to class, rehearsals or show venues.

10.   Students are to wear the correct dance uniform to lessons. Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly named. Details of uniform can be obtained from the uniform list and ordered through the school.

     Hair must be tied back in a neat pony tail, French plait or bun,  fringes clipped back or pushed back with a headband. No jewellery, with the exception of small stud earrings, is permitted.  Students dressed in the incorrect uniform will not be permitted to participate in lessons.

11.  Invoices are issued three times a year to coincide with academic school terms. Invoices may be paid in full or in agreed instalments on the due dates shown on the invoice. Those opting to pay the full term’s fee and it is received by Midnight on the first due date, should deduct £5 from the amount invoiced.


12.  Any monies owed may be paid via bank transfer (account details are on the invoice) or cheque made payable to “Step in Time”. Cash will only be accepted in a clearly named envelope. Please ensure that payments made by bank transfer will be received by Midnight on the due date(s).

13.   An administration fee of £10 will be charged to any person whose fee remains unpaid at Midnight of the appropriate due date(s). A revised invoice including the £10 will be issued.

14.  Any reduction in or reimbursement of fees, for whatever reason, is entirely at the discretion of the school.

15.  The School offers a discount where more than one sibling attends classes.

            Two siblings                             10% discount

            Three or more siblings            20% discount

      The discount is applied to the lowest invoice.

16.   Notice of four weeks with paid feesis required when a student wishes to terminate a class(es). If notice is given over a holiday period, an invoice for four weeks fees will be issued. Notice can be via email.