Ta Da’nce School of Dance

Terms and Conditions


Below you will find important information which we request all parents read, share and discuss with their children as appropriate.

1. Registration and fees

2. Discounts

3. Refunds / cancelations

4. Notice period

5. Timetable changes

6. Photographs / filming

7. Code of conduct

8. Child Safety policy

9. Child Protection policy

10. Policy re physical contact

11. COVID-19 protection policy

12. GDPR policy


Payment can be made:


At present we are unable to offer any discounts due to the cap on numbers of students in class. We will of course review this as and when government guidance changes.



When you book and pay for your month of classes, you are committing to these classes and no refunds will be issued if you change your mind about attending. If you plan to give up a class, please note that we request 2 weeks’ notice in writing (by email), or 50% of the following month’s fee in lieu of notice


We aim to keep class times constant for all pupils but sometimes, changing a class time and/or venue is unavoidable. We aim to give as much notice of such changes as possible. If, however, we have to change a class time/venue at short notice and your child has to leave the class because of this, the rule for notice period (above) will be waived as appropriate.


We do take photos and video footage of the children from time to time and use it to help with marketing for the school. The photos may be used at our website or on social media. Please indicate clearly on your Parent Portal when registering if you do not allow us to take such photos of your child.




Ta Da’nce School of Dance will promote and maintain the welfare of every child in our care and seeks to protect them from harm regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or any other form of identity or creed. We will create a safe and welcoming environment for all. To protect children in our care we will

– Value and respect children and listen to what they have to say

– Ensure all required checks are made when hiring staff and ensure that those in regular contact with children will hold a current DBS check. Staff will also have appropriate training in First Aid

– Ensure any staff have appropriate training for the work they do at Ta Da’nce School of Dance. The school takes the long-term physical well-being of students very seriously and strives to ensure that ballet training will strengthen and improve physical health, and never be harmful to children’s growing bodies.

– Take responsibility for children’s safety when in our care

– Seek permission from parents before taking photographs or film of students and before sharing the images in any way

– Share our policy with all staff, parents and students


Teaching dance is a physical activity and a teacher will sometimes need to make physical contact with a student to show an idea or to correct the student’s position. This can include:

Where contact is needed, we will remain sensitive to the student’s wishes and put their welfare first. In all cases, we will say why and how we will be correcting the student’s position before making any contact. We encourage students to report any concerns.

The above has always been a policy of our school and will remain so. For the foreseeable future, due to COVID-19, if a teacher needs to adjust a child’s positioning by coming into physical contact, they will use hand sanitiser immediately before and after such contact. It is not possible to effectively teach dance safely without sometimes adjusting a child’s position.


From September 2020, we will introduce Covid-19 infection prevention measures as follows: (These are subject to change as official advice changes.)

A) Our class sizes are small, so there will be no problem ensuring we keep children socially distanced from each other throughout class, and from the teacher.

B)  For classes of children aged below 11, there will be markings on the floor showing areas in which each child may dance. For older children, we will ensure they understand they must stay apart.

C) Hand sanitiser will be given to children to use at the start of each class. There will be further hand sanitiser available around the building, for you and your children to use as you wish.

D) We will clean barres between classes, and doors / door handles. Door to hall will be propped open between classes so that children/parents do not need to touch the door.

E) If we do any exercises sitting on the floor, we will use hand sanitiser immediately afterwards.

F). I would request that you respect each other’s space while waiting for children outside the building. If you are concerned about this please do speak to Mary-Ann.

G) Toilet facilities will be available at our hall as usual and cleaning materials including antibacterial sprays and wipes will be in each toilet. Please leave toilets and sinks as clean as you found them.

 *As usual, please aim for your child to use the toilet before class – this avoids disruption, missed learning time and is better for infection control.

H) Teachers will always avoid coming to face to face with a child in close proximity. We will always ensure children are staggered at the barre and do not face each other closely. Our staff have all done a COVID-19 Prevention course online to ensure we up to date and aware of how the infection is transmitted. This will remain at the forefront of our minds at all times.

12. GDPR Policy (General Data Protection Regulations)

What we do and do not do at Ta Da’nce:

We collect the personal data of people making enquiries about our school, and those on the waiting list to join. These records too are stored digitally, on the Class Manager system and on the school computer, both of which are password encrypted. Digitally stored data is deleted one year after a pupil leaves our school, or after any last contact from someone interested in joining.

With parents’ agreement, Ta Da’nce stores images of pupils as photographs or video clips.

GDPR includes 7 rights for individuals

1) The right to be informed

Ta Da’nce School of Dance is registered with UKADance and as so, is required to collect and manage certain data. The school collects parent’s and or guardian’s names, addresses, emergency telephone numbers and email addresses. We also collect children’s’ full names, addresses, date of birth along with any SEN requirements and are stored via a secure electronic system Class Manager, and some of this data is also on the school computer.

As an Employer of self employed practitioners, Ta Da’nce School of Dance is required to hold data on its Teachers such as names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and bank details. Information such as Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS), personal Public Liability insurance, First Aid Certificate’s, Membership details and any qualification’s. This information stored securely in the school’s password protected computer, only accessible by the Principal.

2) The right of access

At any point an individual can make a request relating to their data and Ta Da’nce School of Dance  will need to provide a response (within 1 month).

3) The right to erasure

You have the right to request the deletion of your data where there is no compelling reason for its continued use. However Ta Da’nce School of Dance has a legal duty to keep student and parents details for 12 months. Self Employed Teaching records will be erased when the member leaves their position.

4) The right to restrict processing

Parents, visitors and staff can object to Ta Da’nce School of Dance processing their data. This means that records can be stored but must not be used in any way, for example School Newsletters, General Emails about School news and updates. In this situation, The School has no obligation to refund any classes missed or cancelled due to ‘lack of communication’. It will be the parents responsibility to ensure they are informed about the termly event’s happening at the School, cancelled classes, etc.

5) Data portability

Ta Da’nce School of Dance will transfer data such as student dates of birth and exam pin number’s to UKADance to be able to enter students in exams. In this case, UKADance uses secure file transfer systems and have their own policies and procedures in place in relation to GDPR. In addition, student data will be transferred to chaperoning staff when they are working with us at a performance in a theatre or similar. This is the only time we may hold children’s names and emergency contact details on paper. This paper will be stored securely by trained and registered chaperoning staff, for the duration of a rehearsal / performance period only, and then Ta Da’nce School of Dance will ensure all paper copies are shredded.

6) The right to object

Parents, visitors and staff can object to their data being used for certain activities like marketing or research.

7) The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

Automated decisions and profiling are used for marketing based organisations. Ta Da’nce School of Dance does not use personal data for such purposes.

This Policy was issued by the Principal, Mary-Ann Cartwright, owner of Ta Da’nce School of Dance in August 2020.

Policy review date: August 2021

*Updated 15th October 2020