The Dance Collective

Terms and Conditions

“Terms and Conditions”

The Terms and Conditions of The Dance Collective must be accepted by all students, parents & guardians

Section 1

Student Fees

1.      Fees must be paid in full, in advance, according to your invoice, irrespective of attendance, unless a separate arrangement has been explicitly agreed with the Principal.

2.      Fees for classes must be received by the date specified on your invoice. If not paid within 7 days of the invoice date then a penalty fee of £5.00 will be applied to your bill to reflect administration costs to the business.

3.      If a student is absent from class(es) no refunds will be made available unless in exceptional circumstances.

                    i.            In the event that The Dance Collective is forced to close due to a localised or national lockdown then all student fees will be frozen and added as credit to their account, or, where possible, online classes will be offered as an alternative.

                  ii.            In the event a student lives in an area that is forced into a localised lockdown outside of The Dance Collective’s geographical area then this will be dealt with on a discretional basis.

4.      If a student has a long-term illness or injury, fees may be refunded at the Dance Collective’s discretion. Minor injuries or holiday’s taken during term time will not be considered as eligible for refunds.

5.      On occasions when classes are cancelled, The Dance Collective will endeavour to reschedule these as ‘make-up lessons.’ If The Dance Collective is not able to reschedule these classes, students will have money subtracted from forthcoming fees to reflect this.

6.      If it is necessary to cancel a class due to adverse weather conditions, The Dance Collective will not refund class fees and where possible will offer ‘make-up lessons’ at a later date instead.

7.      If a student is asked to leave a class due to a breach of any of the conditions detailed within The Dance Collective’s Terms and Conditions or Anti-bullying Policy, they will not be refunded.

8.      All methods of payment to The Dance Collective must be by our preferred payment methods which are bank transfer, or debit/ credit card payments, or Go Cardless direct debits for the reason of traceability. Cash or cheques will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and with the prior consent of the School Principal.

9.       In order to cancel classes with The Dance Collective, 4 weeks notice in writing is required for cancellation of classes. Failure to adhere to this will lead to the next payment block fees being charged if insufficient notice is given.

10.  For all Private Lessons class fees must be paid upfront 24 hours in advance of the class. If you do not attend your booked class you forfeit the fee and will not be refunded. If you need to reschedule a booked private lesson please do so more than 24 hours in advance.

11.  All our payment terms are relevant and applicable to our online classes also.


Section 2

Uniform, Class Timing & Expected Standards of Behaviour

1.       Without fail all students are expected to have clean, tidy and presentable uniforms. Uniform and good grooming standards form the foundation of the Dance Collective’s standards on delivering high quality learning outcomes for all its students. If students are observed wearing inappropriate clothing or footwear they will not be permitted to participate in classes.

2.       All students, without fail, must wear their hair tied back neatly for class. The Dance Collective expects all students to take responsibility for their own hair. If students have short hair they should wear an “Alice Band” to keep hair out of their face. If necessary, male students must wear an appropriately coloured, inoffensive bandana to keep the hair out of their face.

3.       All jewellery items (including watches) which the teacher feels may cause injury or is inappropriate for the class must be removed.

4.       The Dance Collective expects all students, parents and guardians to demonstrate mutually respectful behaviour towards teaching staff, other students and the studios. The Dance Collective has a zero-tolerance policy on poor behaviour and this may result in the student being asked to leave the school. Any evidence of bullying will not be tolerated and upon thorough investigation by the Dance Collective will lead to immediate expulsion for any students found guilty of said offence.

5.       Under no circumstance are students permitted to chew gum whilst in class.


6.       Students are responsible for their own property and as such bringing items to classes is at their own risk. The Dance Collective accepts no responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

7.       The Dance Collective does not permit students to use mobile phones during classes. Any mobile phones bought into classes are entirely at the owner’s own risk and these must be switched off or on silent for the duration of the class. Only in exceptional circumstances will The Dance Collective allow students to use a mobile phone and this will be down to the discretion of the teacher.

8.       The Dance Collective does not allow students to leave the studios without the express permission of the teacher.

9.       The Dance Collective does not permit students to sit out a class unless they become unwell or injured during the lesson or prior written consent from the student’s parent/guardian is given in advance.

10.   The Dance Collective does not permit food and drink being brought into class with the exception of water.

11.   Children of primary school age and under must be collected from the studio by a parent/carer or responsible adult. The teacher must be informed if collection is undertaken by persons other than the child’s parent or legal guardian.


Section 3

Online Dance and Exercise Classes

1.      Students must wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the dance/ exercise class they are participating in.

2.      The space must be clear of all obstacles that could be a trip hazard or could cause injury.

3.      The computer/ laptop/ mobile device must be placed in a secure, upright position so that the student can see the teacher clearly throughout class at all times and that the teacher can also see the participant easily to correct/ give guidance to them.

4.      Students must be on time for the start of their class and will not be admitted if they are more than 5 minutes late as they will not be sufficiently warm and will cause disruption to others in class.

5.      Students understand that if there is an issue with their own device or internet connection that this is not the fault of the teacher and an alternative class cannot be arranged.

6.      For classes held via Zoom we ask that you download the program/ app and register as a user. Unauthorised users will not be admitted into our online classes.

7.      If the online class is cancelled or if the teacher has a fault with the technology/ internet connection that causes class to be cancelled, then an alternative make-up class will be arranged.

8.      For classes with students under the age of 11 years of age, a parent must be present at all times to act as a support for the child and to ensure their safety. Participants between ages 11-16yrs we ask that parents log onto Zoom on behalf of the child and ensure that the environment and all of the above listed requirements in these Terms & Conditions have been checked and adhered to. If the lesson is a 1-1 private lesson for any age up to 18 years old, we ask an adult to be present at all times to ensure the correct safeguarding of your child in an online environment.


Section 4


1.        Social Distancing

                    i.            We expect all site visitors including staff, students, parents/guardians to comply with Social Distancing guidelines at all times before, after and during classes. Posters are displayed throughout the building to remind users to keep their distance.

                  ii.            Anyone who does not comply with Social Distancing guidelines may be asked to leave the premises.

                iii.            Furthermore, failure to comply with Social Distancing guidelines may lead to permanent exclusion from the school.

2.        Hygiene

        i.            All staff, students and parents/guardians are expected to use the designated hand sanitising stations around the building upon entry and exit from the premises as well as before and after class. You may wish to use your own hand gel if you suffer from allergies and this will be encouraged.

      ii.            Please respect the 1-in-1-out toilet policy and leave facilities clean and tidy. Under no circumstances must you use the toilet facilities if you are showing symptoms of COVID 19.

    iii.            No bare feet will be permitted for any of our classes to limit the spread of the virus. Instead students and staff must wear ballet shoes, Jazz shoes or non-slip contemporary dance or yoga/Pilates socks.

     iv.            Students should arrive ready for class with their hair done and uniform on, with the exception of their ballet shoes which they should not wear until they are in the dance studio. They will be encouraged to wear outdoor shoes into the building and then change into their ballet shoes prior to class starting. There will be no changing room facilities available.

       v.            We discourage bringing anything to class that is not required (e.g. toys, games, coats, etc) as we cannot guarantee safe, clean storage of these items.

     vi.            Students must bring their own water bottle as the kitchen facilities will be closed and locked and under no circumstances must they share their bottle with anyone.

   vii.            No food will be permitted to be eaten on the premises and only water (no juice) will be allowed in class. Bottles must be non-leak and easy for the student to use securely without assistance.

 viii.            Students are encouraged to bring their own ‘ballet bag’ including essentials such as tissues, hand gel (optional and only encouraged for older students who can use it safely), ballet cardigan and own props (if needed).

     ix.            There is a ‘no lost property’ policy and students are encouraged to take everything with them and any lost property is disposed of safely.

       x.            Students, staff and parents/guardians must ensure that coughs and sneezes are covered by a tissue or a flexed elbow; tissues should be disposed of in a closed bin and hands sanitised following sneezing/coughing.

     xi.            Students, staff and parents/guardians MUST inform us immediately if themselves, a student, or faculty member is feeling unwell.


3.        Entry/Exit

        I.            All adults are encouraged to wear a mask when entering the building and if remaining on site in the waiting area/ participating in a preschool dance class.

      II.            Students and parents/guardians are discouraged from using the door entry system. A member of staff will permit entry at your allocated class time.

    III.            Whilst waiting for entry to your class we encourage students to wait in their cars (where possible) until their allotted entry time to avoid queuing for long periods.

    IV.            When queuing to register for your class or whilst waiting to collect a student from their class as it finishes we ask that you respect Social Distancing when queuing and also be careful not to block the car park for other service users.

      V.            All visitors to the site must adhere to the one way system through the building.

    VI.            Only one parent/guardian should bring their child to class to limit the number of people on site. Ideally it should be the same parent/guardian bringing the child(ren) each week wherever possible.

  VII.            Parents/Guardians of children 5yrs+ must drop their child at the main entrance for a member of staff to safely escort them into class. This is to limit the number of people entering the building. Please ensure they are in the care of staff before leaving them.

VIII.            Parents/Guardians of children 5yrs and younger may enter the site and can choose to wait in the designated waiting area for the duration of class, or may wait outside until the end of class if so preferred.

    IX.            Parents/Guardians are not permitted to wait on-site inside the building for their children whilst class is in progress (unless their child is age 5 or under). Parents can wait in their cars or outside and are encouraged to remain easily contactable in the case of an emergency.

      X.            All students must arrive 5 minutes before the start of their class time. We cannot admit latecomers to class due to the nature of our registration process on arrival.

    XI.            Students must depart the building quickly and safely at the end of their class. Young children will always be escorted to the exit by a member of staff and signed out with their parent.

  XII.            We will not tolerate late collection of a student from their class unless in exceptional circumstances. This is because we must sign all students from one class off the site before admitting the next group in. Any delays in this process will hinder the smooth running of the day. If a parent/guardian has not arrived in time for their allocated collection time then the student will return to class with the member of staff until safe collection can be made.

XIII.            Parents/students/staff should refrain from gathering in large groups and avoid chatting, lingering in the corridors or whilst waiting in the waiting room or in the car park.

XIV.            Parents/guardians/students should book an appointment if they wish to speak face-to-face with the School Principal or member of staff so that it can be organised safely. Phone or video calls will be offered as a safer, preferred alternative.


4.        Covid-19 Procedure


In the instance of a suspected COVID-19 case:

        i.            All activity will cease and the suspected infected person will be taken into isolation.  The student must be taken home immediately where they should self-isolate and seek a COVID 19 test.

      ii.            In the event of a positive COVID 19 test, you must not return to classes until you have isolated for 10 days and have received a note from your doctor that you may return, or have received a negative COVID 19 test result.

    iii.            You MUST notify local authorities and NHS Track & Trace.

     iv.            You MUST inform The Dance Collective immediately upon receiving a positive COVID 19 test result so that we may contact all those that may have been exposed to COVID-19.