The Dance Space Studios Pty Ltd

Terms and Conditions


It is expected that students enrol for the full year of tuition

Withdrawal from classes is in writing only – please email [email protected]

Places will only be held with payment of full term fees  ​


Fees are payable by the term.  Only full term payments will secure your place in a class

Payment arrangements will be made in exceptional circumstances

No student will be able to attend class if their fees are outstanding


It is expected that students attend their scheduled classes

Students cannot progress and improve without regular attendance In the case of illness, injury or extended travel - please email [email protected]


All dancers must wear form fitting black dancewear

All ballet students are expected to wear a black or pink leotard, ballet stockings for 10 years and over. 

Fitted shorts or a classical wrap skirt in black are also acceptable 

Track pants are acceptable for hip hop

Tiny Dancers & Budding Ballerinas - form fitting black dancewear or a Pink Dance Space Tutu Studio

T-shirts are available from reception


Budding Ballerinas - Ballet Pink Ballet Slippers (females), Black Ballet Slippers (males)

Tiny Dancers - Camel Tap Shoes and Ballet Pink Ballet Slippers (females), Black lace-up Tap Shoes and Black Ballet Slippers (males)

5-6Years Tap Jazz – Camel Tap Shoes and Camel Jazz Shoes (females), Black Lace-up Tap Shoes and Black Jazz Shoes (males)

All Hip Hop classes – Black runners or sandshoes

All Ballet classes - Ballet Pink Ballet Slippers (females), Black Ballet Slippers (males)

7+ Years Jazz Technique & Combo – Camel Jazz Shoes (females) Black Jazz Shoes (males)

7+ Years Tap – Black Tap Shoes

7+ Years Lyrical & Contemporary - bare feet

The Open Class – Jazz Shoes, bare feet, runners – dependent on style

More uniform items will be coming soon


All Ballet students are required to secure hair in a bun

For all other classes dancers are expected to wear their hair neat and secure - preferably in a centre-part low pony tail or braids ​


From time to time community performances may arise.  Class groups who are ready will be invited to participate

Further information on possible performances will be made available later in the year ​


In order to provide adequate dance training, it is necessary for dance teachers to physically coach in the development of student technique and placement, which may require strictly appropriate physical contact between dance teaching staff and students

While all care is taken, as with any sport or physical activity; injuries can occur from time to time.  Should an injury occur, staff will administer first aid immediately and notify parent/caregiver

Should an emergency occur - The Dance Space Studio Pty Ltd staff will immediately call for assistance; be that an ambulance or otherwise. 

This is if the incident is inside the studio or the immediate vicinity.  The dancers family agrees to cover all expenses

Students may decline to participate in any classroom activity Dance is a form of discipline and student behaviour in the classroom should reflect this

By enrolling in classes it is accepted by staff and parents/caregivers that the student is fit to participate It is understood and agreed that The Dance Space Studios Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during class activities or for the loss of personal effects or clothing ​


The Dance Space Studios Pty Ltd is committed to providing an enjoyable experience for all students

Students or parents who engage in any antisocial behaviour including but not limited to verbal or physical abuse; intimidation; discrimination in all its forms; harassment or threats of any nature will risk having their enrolment cancelled and no refund will be issued ​


Photos and videos of students during class may only be shared with the consent of the classroom teacher

From time to time; photos and videos may be taken by the classroom teacher and shared on The Dance Space Studios Pty Ltd Facebook, Instagram or website

Social media posts directly related/or involving The Dance Space Studios Pty Ltd must be respectful and in line with the positive ethos and culture of the studio


Please correspond regarding classroom issues, enrolments and other business matter via the studio email - [email protected]

Students and families are invited to join the studio ‘closed’ Facebook group.  This will be used to communicate information regarding classes ​

By submitting your enrolment form, you are stating that you have read & clearly understand all terms & conditions of The Dance Space Studios Pty Ltd and agree to follow them. ​ ​ ​