Thorrington Dance Academy

Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

  1. Fees


  1.  Fees are payable a term in advance.

  2. Trial classes must be paid for to secure the place. 

  3. Fees are due before the start of the term upon receipt of an invoice

  4. Payment by cash or bank transfer is accepted, no cheques will be accepted

  5. If fees are not received by the due date, a £5 fee will be charged to cover administrative costs. If there are difficulties with payment, please speak to the principal to arrange a payment plan.

  6.   In the event of non – attendance, for any reason, full fees are still payable, and we do not offer a refund.


Fee Structure

30 minute class £4.50

40 minute class £4.75

50 minute class £5.00

 Multi class discount - applied per student

2nd class 2.5% discount

3rd class 5% discount

4th class 7.5% discount

5th  class + 10% discount

 2. Cancellation of classes


1.      Half a term’s notice is required for cancellation of classes. If notice has not been received by the half term break in the current term, you will be charged for the next half of term.

2.     TDA may cancel a class with less than three students enrolled in a class at any point. An alternative class will be offered, or fees refunded.

3.      If TDA must cancel a class, a replacement class will be scheduled or payment credited to your account. In the event of classes having to be cancelled due to circumstances out of TDA’s control (extreme weather, local restrictions) classes may be offered in an online format.


3. Uniform

1.All students must wear the correct uniform for each class.

2.Uniform may be purchased through TDA. If you use alternative suppliers please ensure it is the correct uniform, please see the uniform order form for the list of uniform.

3. Payment is required before any uniform is ordered. Personalised uniform is unreturnable. All other items may be returned in their original packaging within 7 days of collection, an exchange or credit will be given unless an item is faulty, a refund will be given for faulty items. 

3.No jewellery is to be worn during class.

4.Hair must be neatly tied up in a suitable style (preferably a bun for Ballet).

 TDA operates a second hand uniform scheme. Please ask the Principal for details. Any uniform donated is appreciated.

4. Lost Property

TDA cannot undertake any responsibility for any money or articles left behind after classes. Please ensure all uniform is labelled. Any items found will be kept in the storage cupboard for 1 month before being taken to a charity shop.

5. Data Protection

In the process of administering your registration we shall be storing your information on our computer for the sole use of ourselves. We use a database software system that is GDPR compliant.  Please see our privacy policy for more information.

  1. Child Policy

All students are considered equal and will be treated as such. All students must be collected by the parent, legal guardian or known representative. Please inform us if your child can walk home on their own. Our Child Protection policy can be viewed on our website or upon request.

  1. Photography & Filming

Students may be photographed or filmed during class or performances for teaching and marketing purposes, including TDA’s website and social media. Consent given on the registration form entitles TDA to use class photos for marketing purposes. 

  1. Hands on Policy

Please note, during dance training there are times where the best feedback and ability to correct a child's technique, can only be achieved when a teacher corrects the position or posture of a student by a “hands on” approach. In all instances physical contact will occur for correctional purposes and will be appropriate to the situation.

  1. Communication

Communication is done through email and or text/phone call. 

  1. Class Policy

1.       All children should be taken to the toilet before the start of their class.

2.       Parents are not permitted to watch classes,

3.       Children are not allowed to chew gum during class.

4.       Children may bring a bottle of water in to class

5.       Please wait outside the room until the class before has finished.

6.       Please wait until you are called in to collect your child.

  1. Miscellaneous

1.All students must complete the registration form upon joining the school.

2.The timetable may be amended at any time, but you will be notified of any changes.

3.   A certain amount of risk is carried by any physical activity. Students taking part in Thorrington Dance Academy’s classes or events, do so at their own risk.

4.   Entry for examinations are at the teachers’ discretion.

Thorrington Dance Academy reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Terms and conditions updated March 2021

Covid-19 Policy

I would like to remind you all that these changes are coming into place because of Covid-19 and things will return to normal when it is safe to do so.

  1.  If you, your child, or anyone in your household has any of the following symptoms do not come to class, high temperature, new continuous cough, change to taste or smell. Follow government guidance on self isolation and testing.

  1. No parents will be allowed into the hall. Young children must be dropped off to a member of staff at the entrance door (only one adult please). We will ask you to confirm your child is showing no symptoms of Covid-19. Older children may be watched by their parents from their car. If you need to discuss anything with the teacher please email or phone us.

  1.  Classes will be staggered to allow children to enter/exit. Children must be dropped off and collected on time, please do not be late.

  1.  One way system in place, Children enter through the door on the right as you look at the building and will exit through the door on the left (where we used to enter and exit).

  1.  Doors will be opened by a member of staff and wedged open so that no student needs to touch a door handle.

  1.  All students must use antibacterial hand gel before entering the Hall

  1. Children must arrive ready in their uniform.

  1. Children will not change clothes in between classes if they do more than one class. If your child does Ballet, the Ballet uniform should be worn for every class they do on that same day.

  1.  Shoes must be worn for all classes, Acro classes may wear Ballet or Jazz shoes. Socks with grips (like jump street socks) may be worn for Acro.

  1.  Children are only permitted to bring a change of shoe (if doing more than one class) and a water bottle. Please leave coats, bags etc in the car

  1.  Please ensure your child goes to the toilet before coming to class to minimise toilet trips

  1.  Strict social distancing between all students, and between teachers and students 

  1.  Floor markers will be used to help the children keep their distance, our younger classes are used to working on their dots.

  1.  There will be no hands on correcting/helping from the teachers to the children

  1.  Any small props used will be allocated to a child in a labelled clear bag, they will be the only ones to use them and will be stored in a sealed box between classes.

  1.  Acro mats will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products before and after every class. Sharing of mats will be avoided, where it is not possible the mats will be cleaned between children.

  1.  Windows and the fire exit door will be kept open when possible to aid with ventilation

  1.  Please encourage your child to have good hygiene. Encourage your child to ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’.

Covid-19 Policy Updated March 2021 by Samantha Bearman