Vibe Arts Theatre School

Terms and Conditions

Vibe Arts Photography & Video Policy

Vibe Arts Child Protection Policy

Vibe Arts Professional Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct for Students and Parents
  • All students must wear loose fitting clothing suitable to move in.  We encourage all of our students to wear the Vibe Arts t-shirt for our classes for company spirit.  A full line of uniform is available.

  • All students should bring snacks and a bottle of water each week.

  • Please ensure students are dropped off and collected punctually and promptly. 

  • Persistent lateness will not be accepted and late pick ups will likely incur fees to cover teacher time and venue hire. 

  • We must be notified if any child plans to go home alone who does not usually.

  • Please report all absence as soon as possible, this includes planned absence such as holidays, family celebrations etc. 

  • Vibe Arts is not liable for any loss or damage of personal items brought on site.

  • Parents are not permitted to stay within the premises for the Vibe Arts sessions unless this has been agreed in advance with the Principals.  This is so as not to create an imbalance between our students or distract their training.  We have frequent demo days and performances.  We will accept, due to the students ages, parents wishing to remain during our Junior Vibe sessions for the first few weeks should they wish to do so.

  • Parents must notify Vibe Arts of any changes to contact  or medical details.

  • Any form of abuse will not be tolerated and dealt with promptly and sufficiently by the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Principals of Vibe Arts.

  • Any complaints should be made directly to Vibe Arts Principals.

  • Vibe Arts follows a strict Privacy Policy, Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and a Photography and Video Policy.  All parents should make themselves aware of the policies in full.

Teaching Staff

Vibe Arts reserves the right to change the teaching staff whenever necessary.

Class Groups
In our Main School, class groupings are decided and set by the staff with careful consideration of the 4 A's (Age, Ability, Attention & Attitude) 

All fees must be settled before the beginning of term unless a payment plan is agreed.  Fees can be paid by cash/cheque or bank transfer.  All cheques must be made payable to “Vibe Arts Limited”. 

Vibe Arts will not offer refunds for any missed sessions or classes.

Vibe Arts will not offer refunds if a student leaves part way through term.

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