Terms and Conditions

Policy 1. Fees

1.1 Fees must be paid by the end of the first week of term unless other arrangements have been made. A $30 late payment fee will be incurred if they are not paid within this time.

1.2 No refunds once term commences.

1.3 If you leave WADPA during a term your fees will not be refunded.

1.4 If a client's debt is passed onto a third party, the client will incur all associated costs.

1.5 Payments by cash, eftpos or online only.

1.6 If you decide to discontinue dancing with WADPA please contact us via email or telephone to let us know. The following term fees will be charged in full if you do not advise us.

1.7 Term fees are based on the school term times on a nine week term, any extra

weeks (most term’s are 10x weeks) are included in term fees and should be classed as a bonus.

1.8 Private lessons are to be paid at the time of the class in cash to the teacher.

1.9 If you have not paid your fees or attended class by week 3 of the term your enrolment will be cancelled.

1.10 All statutory holidays are observed and fees have been calculated over the year.

1.11 No refunds are given for missed classes due to overseas trips, family holidays or birthdays etc.

1.12 Your enrolment will not be processed if you have an outstanding balance on your account from a previous term.

1.13 Families with two or more students enrolled in WADPA receive a 10% discount on term fees.

1.14 A compulsory registration fee of $20 is added to your invoice when you enrol at WADPA

1.15 All discounts will be void if invoice is unpaid by the due date.

Policy 2. Class rules & studio conduct

2.1 Regulation uniform is to be worn to ALL classes.Performance Group is the only exception but students must wear dance wear.

2.2 No talking during class times.

2.3 No touching other students.

2.4 Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. In serious cases of misconduct, or ongoing behavioural issues, WADPA reserves the right to instantly dismiss the student with no refund of remaining term fees.

2.5 Students at WADPA are expected to behave appropriately, with respect, courtesy and manners at all times, whether in class or when representing WADPA at public events such as concerts, competitions, community events and workshops.

2.6 Swearing and bullying are not tolerated at WADPA, a warning will be given. If a student is asked to leave there will be no refund of any paid fees.

2.7 Children must be supervised when not in class.

2.8 Parents please supervise siblings at all times and do not let your toddler walk through the middle of a class.

2.9 We provide closed classes but in the last week of term we open our blinds so classes can be viewed from the viewing areas, NO parents are allowed in classes while a lesson is taking place. We aim to provide classes free of distraction to enable dancers to concentrate and get the most out of their lessons.

2.10 To maintain consistency WADPA students are not permitted to dance at other dance schools unless permission

is given and this would only be considered if it is for a class/genre that WADPA does not offer.

2.11 Competition outfits can only be worn by students enrolled in WADPA. If you leave the school this uniform needs to be either donated back to us or sold on to someone still within the school. It can be used however for personal use around your own home but please remember this is a uniform which represents the school so therefore should remain within the school.

Policy 3. Health & safety

3.1 Hair must be tied back from the face at all lessons.

3.2 No jewellery to be worn.

3.3 First aid kit is available from the class teacher.

3.4 Students are under supervision whilst in class only. Teachers are NOT responsible for any child outside of class

3.5 Please do not encourage your child to wait outside the studio building, it is a busy area with lots of cars and trucks.

3.6 The studio is not to be used as a babysitting service. Students/siblings are not to be left unsupervised at the studio whilst parents pop out.

3.7 WADPA has very limited parking space available at the end of the driveway (the gravel area facing the river). Under no circumstances at any time is a parent or dancer from WADPA permitted to park in the staff parking at the front of the WADPA building or any other business’s parking spaces or on any surrounding business’s property.

3.8 WADPA will make all efforts to help our students to avoid injury. However, it is important that you understand and agree that in participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal or performance, there is a possibility of physical injury. WADPA and any of its owners, employees, or teachers will not be held responsible or liable for any injury or damage to students while dancing at WADPA studios.

3.9 Anybody over the age of 12 years and 3 months will be required to present their Vaccine Pass to enter the WADPA building.

3.10 If Government imposed restrictions in relation to Covid-19 prevent WADPA from offering face to face classes in the studio we will endeavour to offer an alternative form of class delivery via Zoom or other remote learning tools. No refunds will be offered for classes that are effected by Government imposed restrictions.

Policy 4. Class attendance

4.1 Regular attendance is vital for all students to keep up with class work, exam preparation and show work.

4.2 If your child wants to meet their maximum potential it is very important that practice outside of the studio becomes part of their regular routine as they get older.

Policy 5. Examinations

5.1 Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatic & Lyrical classes are taught syllabus work with the intention of progression towards

exams. It is at the teachers discretion as to whether the student is ready to take this exam and the teachers decision is final.

5.2 Exam fees are at an additional cost to term fees.

5.3 Exam preparation classes are at an additional cost to term fees.

5.4 All students require the correct uniform for examinations, no exceptions.

5.5 If classes are missed, this could jeopardise your place in an exam.

5.6 Students can be pulled out of an exam at any time at their teachers discretion, this is a last resort and parents will be alerted to this possibility before the decision is made.