WigLe Dance CIC

Terms and Conditions

WigLe Dance CIC is committed to providing affordable and accessible dance provision for young people. 

As a member of WigLe Dance you agree to the following code of conduct; 

WigLe Dance is about fostering a love of dance and helping young people become kind, confident people. As such we want to promote a KIND and CARING atmosphere and attitude. We will take a zero tolerance approach to any reports of disrespectful, nasty or negative behaviour in the studio or on social media. We will take a zero tolerance approach to any reports of bullying, name calling and will take appropriate action. We want to see KIND and CARING behaviour at all times. 

If you commit to a performance or class please ensure all rehearsals and events involved. By committing and not attending you jeopardise the enjoyment and achievement of other dancers and this can cause a lot of stress for everyone. 

While we want to make WigLe as affordable and accessible as we can by operating a pay as you go system, we cannot do so if class subs are not paid on the day. Please ensure you pay for classes on the day or in advance if paying by bank transfer. This helps to cut down our administration time and means we can spend more time making classes awesome!

Do not enter the studio without signing in - this is for fire safety reasons. Even if you have already paid YOU MUST SIGN IN.

We think GRATITUDE is a great ATTITUDE so always make sure you say thank-you to your teachers at the end of the session, respect the amazing spaces we have to dance in and look after yourself and your fellow dancers.

We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone who does not follow this code of conduct.


Carefully read the following safety guidelines and explain them to your child if necessary. Please acknowledge you have read and understood the agreement.

Dancers, parents and carers should be aware that, like any other form of physical activity or contact sport, dancing can sometimes lead to injuries. WigLe Dance do not accept any responsibility for injuries that occur unless they are as a result of teacher/staff negligence.

The following guidelines are in place to make sure WigLe sessions are as safe and enjoyable as they can possibly be:

Children should stay inside the studio during class time unless on a break instructed by their class teacher.

Be aware of the uneven floors throughout the venue.

No food or drink should be consumed in the studios.

Whilst waiting for your class to start be aware of people coming in and out of the studio. The doors are fire safety doors and designed to shut in emergency so keep fingers and toes out of the openings.

Avoid standing near the stairs other than entering and leaving the building.

Avoid touching any plugs or switches around the studio space.

Please report any injuries or conditions that may affect your ability to participate at the start of any session so that the teacher is aware and can make any necessary modifications for you to enjoy the class.

If an injury occurs, please let the class teacher know immediately. We have a fully qualified first aider on site at all times and are equipped to deal with minor injuries on-site.

If you see something suspicious or of concern please report to a member of staff straight away.

We are not liable for any incidents that occur if these guidelines are not adhered to.